Monday, November 24, 2014

FLYGUY Threads Subscription Review

FLYGUY Threads is a new subscription box for men that has a really refreshing take on the monthly box. For $60 plus $7 shipping, you receive a personalized box of 2-3 garments plus one bonus item (socks or other basics) guaranteed to have a minimum value of $110. The nice part is, this subscription does not auto-renew every month! You just order whenever you want a shipment! Although you do have the option of purchasing a 3-month block. For more information, please check out their FAQ's.

FLYGUY Threads was kind enough to send me a shipment to review. Right on!

I headed to their website and filled out a fairly in-depth questionnaire about my husband's style and size. My husband skews towards hipster, but is not of the full-on breeches and suspenders ilk. He is willing to take some risks and definitely likes to be in season, but like most men he is somewhat conservative with his fashion choices. Also, the questionnaire asked one question that I thought was really key, which was about graphic tees. We both like to wear graphic tees, but I think the choice of graphics is pretty personal. It says a lot about who you are! So I declined the graphic tees option as I don't think he would want someone else picking them out for him. 

Here's what we got!

Gap V-neck Tee - RRV $16.99

A great start! It's hard to tell from the picture, but this is actually a nice, creamy avocado color. It's definitely a standard basic, but the color pushes the envelope a bit. 

Aeropostale Striped Button Down - RRV $44.50

This shirt is really nice quality. It's very thick and totally appropriate for November. The stripes are a bit wavy and are woven into the fabric (not painted on). I love the contrast stripe direction at the cuffs and collar, too; that's such a cool detail. 

Incidentally, the shirts look fabulous layered together!

Buffalo Hooded Pullover - RRV $49

Here's the rear view. 

I love this pullover for autumn! It has very subtle stripes that add a great texture. There is a brand logo at the side bottom that's kinda funky yet unobtrusive. And of course red is a great color to call attention to a handsome man!

BONUS ITEM: K-Swiss Socks - RRV $8

Somehow they knew my man would be a sucker for some fun, zany socks! Socks are always a little detail that can add a lot to the overall look of an outfit. These have just the right amount of personality. 

This box was a huge win for us! The value seems incredible - right around $120 before taxes! So I am very happy about that. The only very minor critique I have is regarding the fit of the items. My husband is a large but very slim man. As such, he likes his shirts and jackets to have a slim to medium fit. This was something that we indicated on the questionnaire, but I think the pullover is a little boxy. It could be worn over other layers, though, when it gets colder, so it's perfectly acceptable. Otherwise, I have to say that everything was right on the money. Everything looks great on him and fits well, and he will wear everything he received in his regular rotation. Everything is also in season and on trend without being toooooo trendy, so it really was a perfect selection for him. I am so happy about how well this turned out!

What do you think about FLYGUY Threads? You should check them out!