Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FabFunFit Spring Review

I know I'm pretty late to the party with this review, but I ordered it late, and it didn't come until recently, so...  Here it is! The spring box from FFF!

Have I mentioned that I stink at photography?

Anyway, here's what was inside the box...

This is a photo of the card tht came with the box that describes all the stuff. There's no way I could take a photo that good.

Cool! A deep exfoliating mitt! For the body, not the face. Although if teenagers are still as insane as I was at that age, they have probably tried it. Sunscreen / primer by Cover FX, nice.  Shower bombs by Level. Shower bombs! Who knew? They smell amazing.

A sweet turband by Cult Gaia. These things are hot. I have an enormous head with a giant thick mass of hair on my head, so this will either be a dream (hopefully) or a nightmare for me.

Oh look. It's kale. That vegetable that no one heard of until a few years ago and now we suddenly need to eat constantly. Whatever, it's fine. I just wish boxes would stop including chips, they are SRSLY just not as good when they are smashed to bits. Which happens in the mail, btw!

Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, which I am morbidly curious about. I'd love for someone to tell me what to do with it outside of camping scenarios.  I'm thinking you keep it in the car for times that you thought you would just be schlepping over to a friends house in your ultra casual attire and then suddenly someone awesome is coming over, or you're suddenly invited to go somewhere that your hair needs to look decent? Or maybe just when you're feeling greasy? Who knows. The Kai perfume sample roll-on thingy smells like gardenia, which is my favorite scent of all times.

A little Pilates ball and DVD. Fun!

$50 for a box is a lot, really, but you get a lot with this box. I hate doing all the math involved in proving whether something is worth it or not, so I'm not doing that. It's also kind of pointless because it really depends on how much you love the stuff (or not). I like all the stuff in this box, so it was a good value. On the other hand, based on previous months' box reviews I have seen, I think this was one of FFF's weaker boxes. I'm still excited to see what they come up with this summer!

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