Thursday, April 17, 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have April Review & Unboxing

Who has the best guy in the whole wide world?  Me.  Wanna know why?  Because he bought me a year's subscription to POPSUGAR Must Have!  Which I have been DYING for, btw.  And I finally got my box this week!  Here's what happened...
Oh wait!  I can't even show you what happened because of what happened instantly!  I opened the box (oh, you all know what the box looks like...), and the first thing I saw was a bag of trail mix made for POPSUGAR by NatureBox, so I gave it to my awesome guy to eat!
The second thing that happened was that I took this out of the box and started making notes in it right away!


It looks just like a little notebook that says 'RUN THE WORLD,' but it's got a really nice leather cover, and the pages have silver guilded edges.  It's like a Bible.  I love notebooks.  Someday I will do a post that just shows off my vast collection of notebooks.
OK, so what HAPPENED, after that, was this:
The little pouch on the right unzipped and opened into this:

Which is a cute and very cool tote bag that's somehow made of recycled platic bottles.  Amaze.
The next items were these two printed tea towels.  Printed tea towels are quite a fad these days.  But for practical purposes, I can never have too many.  These will go to use, not be hung on display.
The item on the left in this picture was oddly maybe my favorite, and it's fancy liquid hand soap by Caldrea.  I love having fancy hand soap at my house (both for myself and guests).  It smells sooooo gooooood!  On the right is this really nice compact of brown to beige eye shadows by Too Faced.  Unfortunately I have to swap because this color pallette doesn't work for me.  I know, it's supposed to work for everybody!  But not me.  Eye shadow is hard.  When I wear browns I always wind up looking sickly and then it all ends up all over my face by the end of the day and I look 100 years old or like some kind of weird drug addict.  I dunno.  But in any case, it will make a great swap for someone!
So, all in all I was pretty pleased with this haul.  But then, it was my first box, and I had to ask myself, how many of these things were truly "Must-Haves" for me?  Hmmm....
How about you?
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