Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Are Smith Box from JewelMint Review

Recently, JewelMint offered a mystery box from We Are Smith, and I just couldn't help myself! Here's how it went down:

So classy...

OK, I looooooove the pocket knife necklace. This might be my favorite new necklace ever. I wore it out the other night and it made me feel so much safer. ;)

I wasn't 100% sure about the binoculars necklace, but it is super cute and well-crafted. Also, how many times a day does someone ask you to look at something? This is a great gag waiting to happen.

How cool is this? I have a thing about wearing the evil eye, though, so this one is going to Mom, who loves wearing the evil eye! I have lots of Hamsa emblems and jewelry just to protect myself from my own Mom. This will be great for her Mothers' Day gift bag!

Thanks JewelMint! Very happy with this package!!!

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