Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Volupties Unboxing and Review

A few days ago, my package from Volupties came in the mail.  Let's see what's inside!

Oh my!  It's underwear!  ;)
This first pair is all lace, but provides nice, secure full coverage.

Ooo!  Sexy!  Red lace boyshorts!

I have to be honest about this last pair.  I think these are the least practical pair of underwear on earth.  First of all, bikini cut doesn't work on many women, especially women who subscribe to a full-figure intimates box.  Secondly, the lace skirt thing around the top is going to look bulky in pants (or under anything), or worse, it might fly out the top.  These get a big thumbs-down.

As an aside, I'm wearing the tan colored ones today, and they are very comfy.  So far they are a win.

So, I had to toss some underwear and I thought hey, I'll give one of these underwear subscriptions a shot for a month or so.  They are supposed to be "nicer" underwear, but these seemed on the cheap side for me.  And only the first two are practical.  Moreover, if I'm going to get novelty panties, I want them to say something like "Welcome to Thunderdome" on them.  I'll probably give Volupties another shot because they are very reasonably priced ($20 / month), and I never get time to shop in real life.  But if next month is similar, it will probably be my last.

Please feel free to comment endlessly about your underpants subscription, lol.

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